Hardwood floors are extremely durable, capable of lasting a century. But even the toughest flooring material can suffer damage. Anything from moisture in the environment to accidents involving heavy furniture, or even the natural drying out of timber boards, can cause damage to wooden floors. This type of damage requires professional repair.


Minor Damage

Surface scratches and shallow dents on wooden flooring can be repaired with re-sanding. This is a great way to restore a floor, giving it a brand new look. Re-sanded floors will need to be properly finish, but otherwise no other repair work is necessary.


Cracked Timber

Timber boards may crack over time. Even under reasonable conditions free from any accidents a wooden board may crack because it has dried out, of because the timber board contained a fault. We can replace individual boards with timber than matches the rest of the floor. And our professional approach make sure this results in an even, level floor surface.


Gaps in Timber Flooring

Floors may develop gaps between timber boards as a result of wood drying out. Or gaps may develop as individual wooden boards expands and contract with age, something exacerbated by environmental changes. These gaps can be unsightly, and perhaps even a safety issue.

We can fill gaps between timber flooring boards, giving an even, flat floor surface with professional appearance.


Cupping, Warping and Buckling Floors

Moisture in the immediate environment can cause timber boards to change shape. The edges of a board may protrude higher than the rest of the floor (Cupping), the board may twist (warping), or the centre of the timber board might bend upward and separate from the underlying floor structure (Buckling). This causes the floor to be significantly uneven.

Repairs to uneven floors can be a combination of replacing g individual timber boards and re-sanding the entire floor surface.


Broken Timber Boards

Timber boards can be seriously damaged by accidents, by the impact of heavy objects, or occasionally by the shifting of a building over time. Good timber may also suffer rot if constantly exposed to moisture. We replace individual boards with new timber that matches the original flooring, ensuring a neat, level flooring surface.

Our professional timber repair services are guaranteed to produce superior results. We leave floors smooth, flat and level. With re-sanding and polishing a repaired floor can look like new.