Sanding & Polishing

Hardwood flooring is extremely durable, capable of lasting for a century. But even the most durable floors will suffer surface damage. Over time furniture and footwear will take their toll, and the floor surface will suffer from scratches, indentations and other damage.

Re-sanding removes the thinnest top layer of wood from a timber floor. This effectively gives a new floor surface, restoring the timber floor’s original appearance. This new revitalized surface is bare wood that can be polished or coated in many ways.

Floor Polishing

Floor re-sanding is very effective for restoring the original look of a floor. It is also ideal for redecorating, as the floor can be stained a new color, given a protective coat of polyurethane, or lightened with a lime wash.

Timber flooring is never left in a raw state. A well finished and polished floor looks very impressive indeed.

Dust Minimization

Sanding will produce a fair amount of sawdust. But our equipment is design to collect this sawdust for easy disposal. Very little dust is released into the surrounding environment.

We approach floor sanding in the most professional way. Our past experience has achieved 99% customer satisfaction. We guarantee an excellent experience and an excellent result, all at a reasonable price.